Sermon X

Sermon for Trinity X The readings today paint a picture, of many people today, within and outside the church. With The Collect telling us that we are to  “ask such things as shall please the Lord. What do we, – you and I -, daily ask of God? Are they things to satisfy our Will

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Purification of BVM – Feb 2, 2020

The Purification of Mary – Feb 2 2020 The Collect  speaks of the   “only-begotten Son as this day being presented in the temple in the substance of our flesh,” The Epistle  Malachi iii. 1.  Speaks to those   whom  seek, the Lord, (for He) shall suddenly come to his temple,  as a  messenger of the

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Jan. 29th Epiphany III Sermon draft

Wedding at Cana Pentecost III January 29, 2020 Jesus could have began his public Ministry in a number of ways.  To establish his credentials as a teacher, he could have first preached The Sermon on the Mount.   To establish his power over demons, he first could have done an exorcism: how about a whole Legion

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Sermon for Nov. 10th Trinity xxi

  John 4:46 The Gospel reading this morning is about a nobleman 2000 years ago, and it is about us.This nobleman was probably somehow connected to the royal household, and in a way pretty much like many of us.  He had heard of the power of our Lord according to John 4:45, / just like many

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Sermon Sept 29 2019 Feast of St. Michael’s

  Make me, O Lord, a child again, So tender, frail, and small, In self possessing nothing, and In thee / possessing all.   O Saviour, make me small once more, That downward I may grow, And in this “heart of mine” restore The faith of long ago.   Make me, O Lord, a child

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Trinity 13 Sept15 2019 by Fr Michael Cawthon

Many of us have heard the phrase “he cannot see the forest for the trees…” Well this saying can sometimes apply Reading the Holy Scripture, as we get bogged down on this verse or that verse, this definition or that definition, or this commentary or that commentary or even the New Testament vs. the Old

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