June 2022

Explanation of Christian Faith

THE NICENE CREED: One self-defining aspect of being an Anglican is an affirmation of the Nicene Creed as the sufficient statement of the Christian Faith. This section explores creeds, what they are, how they developed, and their place in our faith and history. Particular attention is paid to the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds. Comparing the

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The American Prayer Book Eucharistic Rite

St. Michael’s May 27, 2021 THE 1928 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER –  Part 1 The Book of Common Prayer has a history of more than four and a half centuries of daily liturgical use and is in direct and organic continuity with the beliefs, practices and liturgies of the undivided Church in the West. It

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Project Canterbury Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology Lancelot Andrewes Works, Sermons, Volume Three pp. 107-129 SERMONS OF THE SENDING OF THE HOLY GHOST PREACHED UPON WHIT-SUNDAY SERMON I Preached before the King’s Majesty, at Greenwich, on the Eighth of June, A.D. MDCVI, being Whit-Sunday Transcribed by Dr. Marianne Dorman AD 2002 Text: Acts ii: 1-4 And

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