July 2021

Millennials and Liturgy

Why Millennials Long for Liturgy: Is the High Church the Christianity of the future? From The American Conservative: America’s youth are leaving churches in droves. One in four young adults choose “unaffiliated” when asked about their religion, according to a 2012 Public Religion Research Institute poll, and 55 percent of those unaffiliated youth once had a

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Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

Sacrament of Holy Matrimony Is Christian Marriage a Sacrament? If so, why? How does Holy Matrimony differ from other kinds of ‘marriage?’ Marriage is most definitely a sacrament, instituted by God in creation and blessed by Our Lord Jesus Christ, raised and elevated to the status of a sacrament by His blessing and teaching. Actually,

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4th of July Holy Eucharist

We gave thanks (Eucharist) to God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon our country and prayed that his blessings will continue to guide us and protect us. As well, we also had fun after fellowship meal hour as we sang some fun patriotic songs in the parish hall…a sneak peak

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