September 2019

Sermon Sept 29 2019 Feast of St. Michael’s

  Make me, O Lord, a child again, So tender, frail, and small, In self possessing nothing, and In thee / possessing all.   O Saviour, make me small once more, That downward I may grow, And in this “heart of mine” restore The faith of long ago.   Make me, O Lord, a child

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New members questions concerning crucifixes and the Vaticans personal ordinariates for Anglicans

  First question:  Throughout the church I see “Christ the King” crucifixes. I also see “Catholic” style crucifixes in the items for sale. Is there an official or preferred style? Second question: how do we view the Vatican’s personal ordinariates for anglicans? ANGLICANISM     The Personal Ordinariates: are Anglican Rite dioceses under the Vatican

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Readings for Sunday Sept 29 2019

Propers for Saint Michael and all Angels The Collect:  O EVERLASTING God, who hast ordained and constituted the services of Angels and men in a wonderful order; Mercifully grant that, as thy holy Angels always do thee service in heaven, so, by thy appointment, they may succour and defend us on earth; through Jesus Christ

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M.P Tuesday September 17th

Morning Prayer Tuesday morning – Sept 17th Un-mute your device – opps had sound problem at beginning…actually I forgot to turn on microphone.  Sound picks up once service begins….

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Live Stream Sept 18 MP

September 18 – Children’s devotional and MP You may have to un-mute your device.  Children’s devotional followed by Morning Prayer fifteen minutes later.

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Sept 17th Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer – begins around the 10 minute mark (opps forgot to turn on sound – corrected and proceeded.)  Sound picks up early on  video. May have to un-mute your device.  God Bless!

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