June 2021

Musical Bonanza

Fun was had by all….a Christian Family enjoying Christian Fellowship.  The Holy Spirit working with Christ’s Church at St. Michael the Archangel in Matthews NC Thanks to all who worked so hard on putting this together, and special thanks to our Music Director – thanks John!

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Jesus the Bridegroom

  A Crucifixion or a Wedding? I am a big fan of Pitre.  We have been re-listening to this book during “book reading” during Morning Prayer and the book is reemphasizing to me how our faith if so much more than just words.  Its roots bring to life and as the light is focused on

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Book recommendation

It is Right and Just – Why the future of Civilization Depends on True Religion. By Scott Hahn and Brandon McGinley A call for us to rebuild, reconsider and recover the public nature of religion and promote the idea that holiness leads to the sanctification of a society as it learns to live together building

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