This weeks schedule week of Oct 20th

  • Sunday Oct 20 Trinity xvii : 8 am Eucharist; 9:15 SUNDAY SCHOOL youth and adults (pain and the Christian adults class, Book of Leviticus  older children, and the Apostles younger children; 10:30 Sung Eucharist (see live stream library for video) followed by fellowship hour; 12:30 Anglican Studies; 2 pm; Korean Worship Service
  • Monday Oct 21st: 6:00 pm Evening Prayer, Ladies Evening Prayer; Ladies Bible Study is cancelled,7 pm Scouts
  • Tuesday Oct 22nd: 10 am Morning Prayer (live Stream); 6 pm EP/Eucharist Live Streaming (Anglicanism explained begins around 5:15 on live stream)
  • Wednesday October 23rd: 1
  • 9:30 Preschool Devotional in Church; 10 am Morning Prayer; 6 pm Evening Prayer/Eucharist; 7 pm Bible Study.  6 pm What Ale’s You Night at the Beer Temple downtown Matthews
  • Thursday October 24th: 10 am Morning Prayer (Live stream); 10:30 Bible Study; Noon Eucharist (Live stream); Fellowship after noon service
  • Friday October 25th: Fast and Abstinence
  • Saturday October 26th: 9 am Workday; 4:30 Youth Group Cook-out.

Sunday October 27th Trinity xix:  8 am Eucharist; 9:15 Sunday School (pain and the Christian – adult class/ Guest Speaker older children / and the Apostles younger children) ; 10:30 (Eucharist followed by fellowship hour;) 12:30 ANNUAL PARISH MEETING; 2 pm Korean Worship Service

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