Schedule for this week

  Week of Jan 11th

Monday 11th:

8:30 am Morning Prayer (LS)     6 pm Ladies Evening Prayer; 7 pm Scouts

Tuesday 12th:

8:30 am Morning Prayer (LS)

Wednesday 13th:

10 am Morning Prayer (church)        Noon Eucharist         6 pm Evening Prayer & Eucharist         7 pm Choir Practice

Thursday 14th:

10 am Morning Prayer (church)         Noon Eucharist Hillary of Poitiers

Friday 15th:

8:30 am Morning Prayer (LS)

Saturday 16th:

8:30 Morning Prayer (LS)      10:30 am St. Marth’s Guild  meeting Parish Hall         11:30 am Men’s Ministry Johnathan’s Restaurant

17th: 2nd Sunday after Epiphany:  

8 am Said Eucharist     9:15 Sunday School adult     10:30 Sung Eucharist Trinity XXII     12:00 pm fellowship hour       12:30 Anglican Chat/Snack         1:00 pm Korean Prayer Service

LS + Live Stream Only, please join us for prayer, reading, and pondering

01 – Circumcision of Christ color square
06 – The Epiphany of our Lord color square
14 – St. Hilary color square
17 – St. Antony of Egypt color square
20 – St. Fabian & St. Sebastian color square
21 – St. Agnes color square
22 – St. Vincent & St. Anastasius color square
24 – St. Timothy color square
25 – The Conversion of St. Paul color square
26 – St. Polycarp of Smyrna color square
27 – St. John Chrysostom color square


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