Church Bulletin Easter Sunday

Church Bulletin Easter Sunday

St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church

Visitors – Welcome!

We are blessed by your presence—may you find peace and joy in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Please advise us of your visit and ask for a “First Time Visitor Bulletin” which briefly explains the communion service.  We desire your visit to be peaceful and spiritual, let us know if you need anything.  Please join our church family in the Parish Hall after the service for fellowship, drinks, and food.

Holy Communion:

If you have been Confirmed by a Bishop in Apostolic Succession, you are invited to receive the Blessed Sacrament.  If not, but are a Baptized Christian, please come to the Altar Rail for a blessing (simply cross your arms over your chest when the Celebrant approaches.)  If you have questions, please speak to the clergy.

Easter Day                                            April 21, 2019

H= 1940 Hymnal (hymn #)            B= 1928 Book of Common Prayer _Page #)

Stand                    Processional  H-86 (Hymn #)

Kneel                    Collect for Purity  B- 67  (Page #)

Kneel                   Introit  (choir)

Kneel                    The Summary of the Law  B-69

Kneel                    The Ninefold Kyrie  H-710 / B 70

Kneel                    Collect for the Day  B-163

Sit                           Epistle:                 COLOSSIANS III  B-164

Stand                    Gradual  H-87

Stand                    Gospel                  ST. JOHN  XX  B-164

Stand                    Nicene Creed  B-71

Sit                            Notices

Stand                    Sermon Hymn  H- 89

Sit                           Sermon (Fr. Michael Cawthon)

Sit                           Alms Collection  & Offertory

Stand                    Alms Presentation, National Hymn H-139/141 (v4)

Kneel                    Biddings & Intercessions (said by celebrant)

Kneel                    For the Whole State of Christ’s Church  B-74

Kneel                    Invitation and General Confession  B-75

Kneel                    Absolution & Comfortable Words  B-76

Kneel                    Sursum Corda & Sanctus  H-797 or B-76

Kneel                    Sevenfold Amen

Kneel                    Consecration  B-80

Kneel                    Lord’s Prayer H-722 or B-82

Kneel                    Humble Access  B-82

Kneel                    Agnus Dei  H-712

Ecce Agnus PRIEST: “Behold the Lamb of God, behold him that takest away the sins of the world.  Lord I am not worthy that thou shouldest come  under my roof;”

People—”But speak the word only and my soul shall be healed.”

Kneel                    Communion Hymn H-99

Kneel                    Thanksgiving  B-83

Stand                    Gloria en excelsis  H-713 & B-84

Kneel                    The Blessing  B-84

Kneel                    Easter Amen

Stand                    Recessional  H-85

Nursery is available for children 5 years and under during the 10:30am service

Acknowledgements and Thanksgivings!

Sanctuary Candle burns this week to the glory of God.

Please come next door to the Parish Hall, after the 10:30 service for fellowship and food.

News and Notes:

APRIL CHANGE FOR CHANGE:  Loaves & Fishes, Charlotte

ADULT CONFIRMATION CLASS:  Begins next Sunday at 12:30 pm.  ( Pick-up your book today.  See Fr. Michael )

ORGANIZERS NEEDED:   ( See Fr. Michael )

Island / Caribbean Night  –  June 22nd

African Night  –  October 12th

NURSERY CHANGES:  We have a second room available for 6 & 7 year olds who will stay in the Church until the announcements.  All Children will be brought into church for a blessing following communion.


Costs:          $30,935

Donations to Date:            18,165


Apr         21           Annie Keyser                     Apr         23           Chibuike Ihekaire

Apr         24           Vidal Smythe                     Apr         25           Fr. George Harding

Apr         26           Susan Crosby


Apr     3     David & Shonika Bankole            Apr     4     Chuck & Sandy Long

Apr   17     Wayne & Dame Martin              Apr   18     Ken & Stuart Cawthon

Church Services & Key Activities the week of April 21st:

Mon:     Monday after Easter      6 pm      Evening Prayer / Eucharist

Tue:       Tuesday after Easter      6 pm      Evening Prayer / Eucharist

Wed:     10 am    Morning Prayer                6 pm      Evening Prayer / Eucharist

7 pm      Fellowship & Bible Study

Thu:       10 am    Morning Prayer                10:30 am              Bible Study

Noon     Feast of St. Mark / Fellowship    6 pm      Men’s Night-Out

Fri:          Fast & Abstinence

Sat          9-11:00 am Workday

The Vestry:

…Upcoming Events:

Apr         22           Monday after Easter      6 pm      Evening Prayer / Eucharist

23           Tuesday after Easter      6 pm      Evening Prayer / Eucharist

25           Noon                     Feast of St. Mark

6 pm                      Men’s night out:  What Ale’s You

28           12:30 pm              Confirmation Class

May         1            6 pm                      Feast of St. Phillip & St. James

3            8 – 10 pm             Korean Day of Prayer

11           10:30 am              St. Martha’s Guild

11:20 am              Men’s Ministry


Our Yard Sale will be taking place on June 8th.  Sylvia Anderson has agreed to line baskets with pretty fabric for us to sell during this sale.  If you have baskets that you no longer need, please bring them to the church ASAP so she will have time to work on them!!!

If you have stuff and can’t wait until May, you can bring it to the Parish hall starting NOW.


Given By                                              In Loving Memory of

Debbie Cawthon                              Jerry Ray

Jerry Ladd

Kathy Monroe                                   Evelyn & Lewis Monroe

Sharon Hanson

Susan Stepp                                       Buck, Roma, Bill & John Oates

Mariam Thrash

Lee, Jo & Gary Drake

Dss Tina Jenkins                                               Lonnie P. Jenkins

Col. John Stafford

Betty Stafford

Dan Kidd

Herma Gayle                                      Naomi & Joseph Gayle, Sr

Joseph Gayle, Jr.

Ruth & Cornelia

Margie Schlier                                   Don Schlier

Charles & Harriet Schlier

Ed & Marge MaSaitis, Sr

Ed MaSaitis, Jr

Nancy Schlier

Richard Markuske                            Susan Markuske

Louise Braxton                                  Oliver Braxton

Phyllis Vail                                           Lisa & Don Cornell

Mary & Robert Vail

Lyle Vail

Mari Correal                                       Blanca Mestey

Alice Paul                                             Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Joof

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Walcott-Landes

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel John

All the members of the Silver family gone

But not forgotten

Dame Martin                                     Laura & Lyde Rogers

Grace & William Martin

Laura Gray

Michael Martin

Gretchen Bates


Given By                                              In Honor or Celebration of

Correal Family                                                   Blanca R. Mestey

Dawdi Banker-Davis                                        Henry B. Baker, Sr.



Given                                    in Thanksgiving for God’s Blessings

Frank & Georgeline Ihekaire                       Emily Baker

Roger & Virginia Gayle Anderson              Dawidi Davies

Al & Merlene James                                       C. H. Taylor

Brett Ford                                                           Pat Boyd & Jim Mullins

Ilene Adams


For those always with us in our Churchyard

James Spurgeon Deese                                 Mary Frances May Lauppe

Lester B. Hargrave                                           Anita Clark Hargrave

Allen Howard Hudson                                    Vivian Booth Cummings

Frank W. Snepp, Jr                                          Chester BurtonCummings

Chet Booth Cummings                                   Suzanne (Susie) Farrington Atwill

Newton S. Thomas, Jr                                    Lonnie P. Jenkins, Jr

Mary F. Roberts                                                Lee Roberts Major Rose

Robert V. Krapish, Jr                                       Mildred Hickling

Robert V. Krapish, III                                      Donald R. Cornell

Frederick Butt                                                   Fr. Stephen W. Heimann

Harry A. Forrester                                            Edith Eddy

Edward C. MaSaitis, Sr.                  Beverly C. Green

Jonathan Jourdan                                            Charles Ronald Vioni

Donald M. Schlier                                             Robert Franklin Allen

Lilianne M. Brewer                                          Patricia Oliver

Peter Singalewitch                                          Dick G. Rudolph

Anne Adams Lauppe                                      Gwendolyn Griffith

  1. L. Thompson Sonny Hale

Robert J. (Bob) Huggins III                            Bill & Doris Jourdan

Colin J. Rose                                                       Verona E. Griffith

James D. Putman                                             Elaine Sullivan

Jaime F. Seegers                                              Hilda  Nelson

Bobby Sanders                                                  Lyle Vail

Peter Mannering


Prelude        Jesus Christ is Risen Today                            Mitchell-Wallace/Head


(Psalm 139:18b) When I awake, I am still with thee. Hallelujah. (verses 5b, 6) Thou hast laid thine hand upon me. Hallelujah. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.(verse 1-2a) O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me. Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising.


(Psalm 76:8b, 9a) The earth feared, and was still, when God arose to judgment. Hallelujah.


Anthem     Alleluia! Alleluia!                                                       Sullivan/Shephard

Hymn 92, the poem by the Anglican priest/bishop Christopher Wordsworth and tune by Arthur Sullivan (of “Gilbert and Sullivan” operettas) is heard in an arrangement by Richard Shephard (b.1949), choral and opera composer who is Chamberlain of York Minster and music faculty of the University of York.

Communion Anthem   Festival Canticle: Worthy is Christ   Richard Hillert

“Dignus est agnus” (Worthy is the Lamb) first appeared in Lutheran service books as an alternative canticle. The poet John W. Arthur adapted this poem and created a new canticle in 1970, “Worthy is Christ.” Richard Hillert (1923-2010), former Concordia University Chicago music professor, composed his setting of this canticle in 1976.

Postlude    Crown Him with Many Crowns                      Mitchell-Wallace/Head

The Processional and Gradual Hymns are translations of the 6th century Latin poem “Salve festa dies” by Venantius Fortunatus, an Italian who became a French priest and bishop. This hymn has had various English translations going back to that of Archbishop Cranmer in 1544 during the time of Henry VIII.


Vanderbilt Singleton is a professional trumpet player from Columbia SC who got his undergraduate degree in trumpet performance from Winthrop University and his Masters Degree in Trumpet performance from the University of Alabama. He currently is a freelance trumpet player who has played with the Florence Symphony and the Carolina Wind Symphony and was selected to study trumpet at 2 international music festivals.



✟The Anglican Church: Our St. Michael’s family, Deanery, Diocese, Anglican Province of America, Anglican Catholic Church, Anglican Church in America, Deus of the Holy Cross, our Bishops, Rector, Clergy & their families, and that many men are called to the sacred Ministry.

✟ Our Country, its Leaders, Fire and Police Departments & those in military service: Andrew, Adam, Edwin, Daniel, Mark, Conner, Caleb, Brian, Dustin, Brett, Kegan, Charles, Robert, James, Gavyn. The countries of Zimbabwe & Nigeria.

✟Pregnancy: Sally

✟ Those Traveling: Ralph, Scott, Mike, Will, Tommy, Kristen, Nance, Jeff, Stephen, Lee.

✟Guidance & Protection: Destinn, Conner, Reagan, Evan, Donald, Christopher, Karl, Phyllis, Dame, Kristin, Sandy, Margaret, Linda, Claude, Tommy, Sam, Sean, Paul, Ben, Henry, Victoria, Travis. Lane, Kirk, Mary, Josiah, Stoch, Cowart, Roy, Brett. The Washburn, Burgess, Unterberger, Decker, Drake families.

✟ In Affliction: Jerry, June, Roger, Virginia Gayle, Trudy, Pat, Wayne, Harry, Edna, Pat, June, Rich+, Angelica, Jan, Michele, Hilda, Lisa, James, Danny, John, Doreen, Desmond, Yvonne, Richard, Dame, Meredith, Vivian, Baria. Darlene. The Conner, Palmer, Becker, Taylor/White, Powell/Mason families.

✟The Lord’s Healing: Austin, Issac, Juliana, Brooke, Ana, Nicholas, Noah, Reagan, Jordan, Aurora, Blonnie, Amanda, Haywood, Sue, Debbie, Teddy, Mike, Troy, Walter, Jennifer, Leslie, Margaret, Noah, Kelly, Brenda, Wanda, Marie, Norah, Alex, Joe, Chris, Gary, Robert, Randall, Earl, Richard, Jim, Stephen, Fred, Lori, Leslie, Anne, Phyllis, Ryan, Lynn Gayle, Elizabeth, Tony, Tina, Michael, John, Sandra, Lynn, Gloria, Mari, Shannon, Earl, Jack, Joe, Vikki, Gina, Janet, James, Daisy, Savana, Ralph, Lisa, Dame, Darlene, Robin, Michelle, David, Sandy, Stuart, Carlton,  Nancy, Zach, Casey, Nick, Lennox, Simeon, McKenzie, Madonna, Pat, Jayden, Jennalyn, Dan, Seth, Stephen, Mrs. Runyan, Doc, Sarah, Marie, Lavana, Phillip, Chipo, Kevin+, George+, +Jack, Michael+, Dennis+.

✟R.I.P.:  Gary Drake


Sr. Warden:  Ed Stemborowski                   Jr. Warden:  Brett Ford

Carol Alsis                  ’21         Laurna Blackwood   ’20          Margie Schlier                 ’19

Frank Ihekaire            ’21         Randall Burgess        ’20          Brett Ford                        ’19

Sylvia Jack                   ’21         Pam Driscoll              ’20         Michelle Montgomery   ’19

Church office:  704-537-7777     Rectory:  704-531-9306       

Rector:  Fr. Michael’s Cell:  704-651-9070

St. Michael’s:  2211 Margaret Wallace Road, Matthews, NC 28105

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