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Church Bulletin (blog edition) Trinity 3

St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church

Visitors – Welcome!

Peace and joy in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Please advise us of your visit and ask for a “First Time Visitor Bulletin” which briefly explains the communion service.  Please join our church family in the Parish Hall after the service for fellowship, drinks, and food.

Third Sunday after Trinity: July 7, 2019

Hymnal = 1940 Hymnal (hymn #)               BCP= 1928 Book of Common Prayer (page #)

Stand    Processional: Hymnal hymn # 308

Kneel    Collect for Purity: BCP page 67

Introit Choir

The Summary of the Law: B 69

Kyrie: H # 710 or B 70

Collect for the Day: B 192

Sit           Psalm: 145  vs.  1 – 12  (Chanted) B page # 520

Epistle   I ST. PETER  V:  5:  B 192

Stand    Gradual: H 405

Gospel                  ST. LUKE  XV:  1: B 193

Stand    Nicene Creed: B 71

Sit           Notices

Stand    Sermon Hymn: H 523

Sit           Sermon (Fr. Michael)

Alms Collection & Offertory Sentence (Choir)

Stand    Alms Presentation, National Hymn: H 139 / 141 (v4)

Kneel    Biddings & Intercessions (said by celebrant)

For the Whole State of Christ’s Church: B 74

Invitation and General Confession: B 75

Absolution & Comfortable Words: B 76

Sursum Corda & Sanctus: H 796 or B 76

Consecration: B 80

Lord’s Prayer: H 722 or B 82

Humble Access: B 82

Agnus Dei: H 712

Ecce Agnus PRIEST: “Behold the Lamb of God, behold him that     takest away the sins of the world.  Lord I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof;”

People—”But speak the word only and my soul shall be healed.”

Communion Hymns: H 433 (2), 198

Kneel    Thanksgiving: B                 83

Gloria in Excelsis: H 713  or B 84

The Blessing: B 84

Dresden Amen  (followed by bells) H 740

Stand    Recessional: H 300

Nursery is available for children 5 years and under during the 10:30am service

Be it known to all who enter this Holy Place, that the Blessed Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is reserved in the Tabernacle.  A genuflection, being the proper reverence before His Presence, is expected of all the faithful.  Leave not without worshipping and adoring Him upon His Altar Throne.

Church Services & Key Activities the week of July 7th:

Sun:       8 am       Said Eucharist                     10:30 am   Sung Eucharist

Mon:     Preschool Summer Camp Week                6 pm         Ladies Evening Prayer

Tue:       10 am    Morning Prayer                                 6 pm         Evening Prayer / Eucharist

7 pm     Choir Practice

Wed:     10 am    Morning Prayer                                6 pm         Evening Prayer / Eucharist

Thu:       10 am    Morning Prayer                                Noon          Eucharist / Fellowship

Sat:        2 pm      Funeral Service for Patrice Graham

Acknowledgements and Thanksgivings!

SANCTUARY CANDLE:  Burns this week to the glory of God by Philip & Susan Crosby.

ALTAR FLOWERS:  Are given to the glory of God by Roger & Virginia Gayle Anderson

Please come next door to the Parish Hall, after the 10:30 service for fellowship and refreshments.




Costs:          $30,935

Donations to Date:            20, 045


African Night  –  October 12th     If interested in leading please see Fr. Michael

MEN’S MINISTRY:   Auto-Bell Car Wash tickets available now:  $20.00 each or 3 for $40.00. Limited supply.  Get yours before they are gone.

USHERING CHANGE:   After the priest has shared the body & blood of Christ with all those on the altar, at the 10:30 following the Choir, please go to the altar rail for the sacraments or blessing.  Ushers will not be directing the flow.

COMMUNION WAFERS:  If you prefer a Gluten free consecrated wafer, please let the priest know when you come to the altar.

… Upcoming Events:

Jul           13           2 pm                      Patrice Graham Funeral Service

15 – 19  Synod

16           1 pm                      Ladies Lunch-Out:  Famous Toastery

19                                           Youth Group Trampoline

20           10:30 am              St. Martha’s Guild – Parish Hall

11:30 am              Men’s Ministry – Jonathan’s Restuarant

25           6 pm                      “What Ale’s You”

27                           Workday


Funeral service for Patrice Graham, daughter of Cyprianna Graham will be on Saturday, July 13 at 2 pm.  All members of St. Michaels are welcome to attend.  Please contact Herma Gayle about the repass.

SCHEDULE FOR NEXT WEEK:      July 8, 2018

Nursery:   10:15 am         Help needed

Ushers:      8 am                 Bob & Betty Self

10:15 am         Dame Martin, Tommy Johnson

Altar Guild:                         Debbie Cawthon


July   7        Laurna Blackwood                 July    7             Michele Dotson

July   7        Gloria Smythe                         July    8             Jones Osuagwu

July   9        Haziel Roberts                         July    12           Lauryn Graham-Nash


Prelude                                Pastoral Prelude                                                     W. D. Armstrong

William Dawson Armstrong (1868-1936) was an Illinois organ/choral/piano composer, church organist and music director of Shurtleff College and Western Military Academy.


(Psalm 25:16, 18) Turn Thee unto me, and have mercy upon me: for I am desolate and afflicted. Look upon mine affliction and my pain: and forgive all my sins. (Psalm 25:1-2a) Unto Thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. O my God, I trust in Thee: let me not be ashamed.


(Psalm 9:10) They that know Thy name will put their trust in Thee: for Thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek Thee.

Lyric Interlude                                                                 Alexander Schreiner

Alexander Schreiner (1901-1987), organist at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, UT, originally improvised this piece during a Tabernacle Choir radio broadcast.

Postlude              Fugue on “America”                                                Eugene Thayer

Eugene Thayer (1838-1889) was one of the first concert organists and teachers in America, living and working around Boston, Massachusetts. The fugue (from his 2nd Sonata) states as its theme (nine times) the first phrase of the British tune that has been known in America with the 1832 poem “My country, ’tis of thee.” The entire tune is heard in the tenth concluding statement of the theme.

The processional hymn is taken from a paraphrase of Psalm 136 that the English poet John Milton (author of “Paradise Lost) wrote in 1623 at age 15. The tune “Monkland” (named for the church where the arranger John Bernard Wilkes was organist) was taken from an 1824 English Moravian collection.

The sermon hymn is one of three well-known examples of a national anthem also being used as a hymn tune. This is a combination of two 19th English poems to a Russian tune from 1833. Alexei Lvov, opera/orchestral composer, wrote this tune that became the Russian national anthem hymn until the 1917 Russian Revolution. (It is heard at the conclusion of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.) Henry Fothergill Chorley, art/music critic and author, wrote the first two verses (based on Revelation 19:6) for this tune; John Ellerton, Anglican priest and hymnologist, wrote the last two verses.


Thank you to all the volunteers for our coffee hour “Set-up/Clean-up” teams!  So far this new weekly team plan for administering coffee hour is working pretty well.  There is however still some confusion about bringing food.  Everyone in the congregation is being asked to bring some food for the coffee hour (every week or alternate weeks – whatever works for you).  The set-up clean-up teams might bring a side dish but their main job is to administer their week’s coffee hour.   That way the full food (financial and time) commitment is spread throughout all those who enjoy the food and not just a few (and we get lots of variety!).  Just bring your food before the 10:30 service and leave it on the metal kitchen table or put it in the refrigerator.  If it needs to be heated let the team know. Would you like to help out on one of the teams (particularly some men to help with the heavy lifting cleaning)?  Just let Tina, Debbie or Susan know.   Come join the Kitchen Teams!  Everyone loves our Coffee Hour!

Note from Fr. Michael:

Our website  is a major source of information and communication for our church and of our faith.  To give you an idea of what can found, just in our blog section (which you go to through the homepage), the following has been recently added.

  1. Lord’s Prayer: changes suggested by Pope Francis are discussed via scripture and Anglican thought.
  2. Venite Excultremus Domino (Morning Prayer) is discussed.
  3. A morning prayer live stream.
  4. The Weekly Bulletin blog edition.
  5. Musical Notes.
  6. Readings for the upcoming week
  7. Video of latest 10:30 service.
  8. Discussion on Articles of Religion

This website acts as a “news – letter” and is updated every week and should be visited weekly, if possible, by the congregation.  Everything from the new “Confirmation Class” workbook to articles and postings on seasonal topics to theological discussions can be found.  It is there for you, please use it.


✟The Anglican Church: Our St. Michael’s family, Deanery, Diocese, Anglican Province of America, Anglican Catholic Church, Anglican Church in America, Deus of the Holy Cross, our Bishops, Rector, Clergy & their families, and that many men are called to the sacred Ministry.

✟ Our Country, its Leaders, Fire and Police Departments & those in military service: Andrew, Adam, Edwin, Daniel, Mark, Conner, Caleb, Dannte, Brian, Dustin, Brett, Kegan, Charles, Robert, James, Gavyn, Joe, Luke.

✟Pregnancy: Brook

✟ Those Traveling: Ralph, Scott, Dana, Frank, Lee, Tony, Jeff, Stephen, Nance, Mike, Kristin, Will.

✟Guidance & Protection: Destinn, Conner, Donald, Christopher, Karl, Phyllis, Dame, Kristin, Blonnie, Tommy, Linda, Claude, Ben, Henry, Mary, Josiah, Stoch, Roy, Brett, Kelechi, Christopher, Margaret, Henry, Tom, Nick, Betty, Martha, David, Phillipa. The Washburn, Burgess, Drake, Oldfield, Howard, Morton, Graham, Wilkerson families.

✟ In Affliction: Jerry, June, Roger, Virginia Gayle, Trudy, Pat, Wayne, Harry, Edna, Pat, Rich+, John, Doreen, Desmond, Yvonne, Dame, Meredith, Jennifer, Janet, Robert, Runyan, Vivian. Wanda, Shannon, Marie, George.

✟The Lord’s Healing: Aurora, Ava, Ana, Thomas, Tina, Nick, Simeon, McKenzie, Pat, Jayden, Seth, Stephen, Sarah, Marie, Phillip, Savana, Renee, Samantha, Madonna, Tenneh, James, Jeannie, Brock, Trudy, Wendy, Amanda, Kevin+, George+, +Jack, Michael+, Dennis+.

Holy Communion:  If you have been confirmed by a Bishop in Apostolic Succession, you are invited to receive the Blessed Sacrament.  If not, but are a Baptized Christian, please come to the Altar Rail for a blessing (simply cross your arms over your chest when the Celebrant approaches.)  If you have questions, please speak to the clergy.

The Vestry:

Sr. Warden:  Ed Stemborowski                   Jr. Warden:  Brett Ford

Carol Alsis                  ’21         Laurna Blackwood   ’20          Margie Schlier                 ’19

Frank Ihekaire            ’21         Randall Burgess        ’20          Brett Ford                        ’19

Sylvia Jack                   ’21         Pam Driscoll              ’20         Michelle Montgomery   ’19

Eastern Diocese of the Anglican Province of America:

The Most Rev. W. H. Grundorf, Diocesan

The Rt. Rev. Chad Jones, Suffragan Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Bill Perkins, Suffragan Bishop

The Rt. Rev. David Haines, Missionary Bishop

The Rev. O. Michael Cawthon, Rector

The Very Rev. Can George Harding, Ret.

Dss. Tina Jenkins, APA Sr. Deaconess

John Apple,  Organist & Choir Master

Shonika Bankole,  Preschool Director

Lou Hale, Phyllis Vail, Sandra Scherer, & Susan Stepp:  Bible Women

Dame Martin & Joyce Allen:  Outreach Programs

Susan Stepp & Sandra Scherer:  Worship Preparation

Church office:  704-537-7777     Rectory:  704-531-9306       

Rector:  Fr. Michael’s Cell:  704-651-9070

St. Michael’s:  2211 Margaret Wallace Road, Matthews, NC 28105

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