USS Haddock (SS 231) XO reads the Declaration of Independence

USS Haddock (USS 231)

Mr. Jerome Brenner

We had over 40 people attend our 4th of July Eucharist and everyone was amazed as our “Jerry” read to us the Declaration of Independence.  It was special and meaningful even to Jerry as he was the XO (Executive Officer)  of the submarine USS Haddock of the Pacific Command during WWII.  One could have heard a pin drop as he overwhelmed us with his reading as many eyes had tears of joy could be seen as we listened to his wonderful presentation.  Jerry is 98 years old and I informed him, in front of the congregation, that we will let him retire after he hits 101.  What a magnificent day it was for St. Michael the Archangel.  Thank you Lord for giving to us Mr. Brenner.  Oh by the way, the pulpit in which he stands; well, he built it!  Thank you Jerry.  July 2, 2019

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