Bishop Ken Myers – Salvation

St. Michael the Archangel / 2211 Margaret Wallace Rd / Matthews NC 28105
Presents a Free Seminar
Bishop Kenneth Myers

    (and how we got it wrong)

JUNE 16, 2018
Saturday: 10am – 3pm

St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church adheres to traditional teachings and worship as derived from Scripture, Christ’s early Church, and the Apostolic Fathers. St. Michael’s is of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church as based upon: One Scripture, Two Testaments, as defined by Three Creeds.
After 35 years of pastoral ministry, including twenty four years within the Anglican Tradition, Bishop Kenneth Myers has ventured out to teaching-at-large the Body of Christ as he offers his gift of teaching to churches all over America and the world. Having spent the first thirty years of his life in the world of Charismatic Churches, and the remaining years within the Anglican Tradition, he is comfortable teaching to any group, regardless of current denomination or background.
Bishop Myers, making his third appearance at St. Michael’s, will be speaking on his Book Salvation (and how we got it wrong) as he explains the key doctrine of Salvation within a sensible, biblical, and the historic understanding of the early Church Fathers; while drawing our heart and mind to a deeper worship of God, as he retells the story as the early Christians told it, and as he does Salvation becomes a story of a loving God doing all in his power to bring healing to a humanity that He deeply loves.
Bishop Myers has a particular passion regarding grace, the ancient faith, worship, and an eschatology of hope. Being from Texas; beware: he is a Texas boy (!), Bishop Myers has a unique and entertaining way of teaching very important spiritual topics.
Join us as we meet in our Church Parish Hall for a conversation concerning “Salvation.”
(Snacks and refreshments will be available during our lunch break)
2211 Margaret Wallace Rd
Matthews, NC 28105

Fr. Michael Cawthon

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