Church Bulletin Blog Edition May 5 2019

Church Bulletin Blog Edition May 5 2019

Visitors – Welcome

Peace and joy in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Please advise us of your visit and ask for a “First Time Visitor Bulletin” which briefly explains the communion service.  Please join our church family in the Parish Hall after the service for fellowship, drinks, and food.

Holy Communion

If you have been confirmed by a Bishop in Apostolic Succession, you are invited to receive the Blessed Sacrament.  If not, but are a Baptized Christian, please come to the Altar Rail for a blessing (simply cross your arms over your chest when the Celebrant approaches.)  If you have questions, please speak to the clergy.


2nd  Sunday after  Easter     May  5, 2019

                                                Hymnal             BCP

Stand    Processional          95 (1)

Kneel    Collect for Purity                                  67

Introit                                   Choir

The Decalogue                                                       68

Ninefold Kyrie                         702                       70

Collect for the Day                                                171

Sit           Psalm:  23                                        368

Epistle:  I ST. PETER  II:  19                         172

Stand    Gradual                     345 (vs 1-3, 1st tune; vs 4-6, 2nd tune)

Gospel:  ST. JOHN  X:  11                              172

Stand    Nicene Creed                                          71

Sit           Notices

Stand    Sermon Hymn         485 ( 1 )

Sit           Sermon

Alms Collection & Offertory Sentence (Choir)

Stand    Alms Presentation  139 / 141 (v4)

Kneel    Biddings & Intercessions (said by celebrant)

Whole State of Christ’s Church                          74

Invitation and General Confession                   75

Absolution & Comfortable Words                     76

Sursum Corda & Sanctus  796                            76

Sevenfold Amen

Consecration                                                          80

Lord’s Prayer                            722                       82

Humble Access                                                      82

Agnus Dei                                 341

Ecce Agnus PRIEST: “Behold the Lamb of God, behold him that takest away the sins of the world.  Lord I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof;”

                People”But speak the word only and my soul shall be healed.”

Communion Hymns             93, 213

Kneel    Thanksgiving                                         83

Gloria en Excelsis                  713                          84

The Blessing                                                           84

Easter Amen

Stand    Recessional              90


Nursery is available for children 5 years and under during the 10:30am service

Acknowledgements and Thanksgivings!

 SANCTUARY CANDLE:  Burns this week to the glory of God by Roger & Virginia Gayle Anderson.

ALTAR FLOWERS:  Are given to the glory of God by Tina Jenkins in loving memory of Col. John Stafford.

Please come next door to the Parish Hall, after the 10:30 service for fellowship and refreshments.


MAY  CHANGE-FOR-CHANGE:   Bishop Haine’s Foreign Missions

PRESCHOOL SPRING CARNIVAL: Raffle tickets on sale now.  This is a $1.00 per ticket  50 / 50 raffle.  This fundraiser allows the winner to win up to 50% of the proceeds from ticket sales.  Drawing will be on Saturday, May 18th during the Carnival.


Costs:     $30,935

Donations to Date:        18,285


Island / Caribbean Night  –  June 22nd

African Night  –  October 12th

NURSERY CHANGES:  We have a second room available for 6 & 7 year olds who will stay in the Church until the announcements.  All Children will be brought into church for a blessing following communion.

Church Services & Key Activities the week of May 5th:

Sun:        8 am       Said Eucharist                        10:30 am   Sung Eucharist

                12:30 pm                Vestry Meeting

Mon:      6 pm       Ladies Evening Prayer / Bible Study

Tue:        10 am     Morning Prayer                    6 pm      Evening Prayer / Eucharist

7 pm       Choir Practice

Wed:       10 am     Morning Prayer                   6 pm       Evening Prayer / Eucharist

                7 pm       Fellowship / Bible Study

Thu:        10 am     Morning Prayer                   10:30 am                    Bible Study                               Noon      Eucharist / Fellowship              

Sat:         10:30 am                   St. Martha’s Guild            11:30 am                    Men’s Ministry

… Upcoming Events:    

May       5        12:30 pm         Vestry Meeting

Confirmation Class – Cancelled

11        10:30 am         St. Martha’s Guild

11        11:30 am         Men’s Ministry

18        10 am – 2 pm    Preschool Spring Carnival

21        1 pm             Ladies Lunch-Out @ Showmars, Mint Hill

23        6 pm                Men’s Night-Out

24                                Wedding Rehearsal

25        9 – 11              Work day

25                                Wedding

30       Noon & 6 pm  Ascension of Jesus Christ (Day of Obligation)

Jun         1        8 – 12              YARD SALE

SCHEDULE FOR NEXT WEEK:      July 8, 2018

Nursery:   10:15 am         Help needed

Ushers:      8 am                 Bob & Betty Self

10:15 am         Dame Martin, Tommy Johnson

Altar Guild:                         Debbie Cawthon


May     5          Claude Stone               May       6         Fonie Sherman

May     9          Sandy Long                  May       9        Jasmine Williams

May     10        Ken Cawthon               May     10        Amarachi Ihekaire


May     11        Fr. George & Claudia Harding

MEN’S MINISTRY AUTOBELL CAR WASH TICKETS:  $20.00 ea or buy 2 and get 1 FREE.  ( 3 for $40 )

Still looking for kitchen help for the 1st, 2nd & 4th Sundays.


The Annual Yard Sale held at St. Michaels will take place on June 1 from 8AM to 12 noon!  Previously, another date was circulating in error.

This sale requires a lot of preparation and work!  Hopefully, many of you will sign up at the back of the parish hall and offer to help. After sign up, you can recruit a team for help in sorting, pricing and selling.

This year we are breaking up the sale into categories such as; toys, garden, electronics, plants, household, jewelry, books, furniture, tools and Christmas. We do not want any clothes, but linens are OK!

I would like the volunteer to be present and in charge of the category you selected on the sale day!  Men are particularly encouraged (pretty please) to help with the tools and electronics. Sometimes we get some strange or heavier items and need help!

Items are now allowed to be brought into the parish hall.  Remaining unsold items will be picked up by the Kidney Foundation.

We will have donuts and coffee available for the workers.

Any help will be appreciated!!

Thank you in advance for helping us out!!  It is for our church1!  Any questions please call.


Prelude                       This Joyful Eastertide                                David Polley

David Polley (b.1953), music director at Grace Episcopal Church, Georgetown, Texas, created his organ setting of this hymn using two contrasting flute stops with a flowing accompaniment against the tune.


(Psalm 33:5b-6a) The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord:  by the word of the Lord were the heavens made. (Psalm 33:1) Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous: for praise is comely for the upright.

As during Lent, each Sunday in Eastertide has a Latin name from the first words of the Introit. The name for the Second Sunday of Easter is Misericordias Domini from Psalm 33:5b: “Misericordia Domini plena est terra.”


(Psalm 63:1a, 4b) O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: I will lift up my hands in Thy name.

Anthem:                    This Joyful Eastertide

This Easter hymn has an evolution over three centuries. The tune, originating as a 17th century love song from the Netherlands, became a hymn tune in 1685 when it was published in the Netherlands in Joachim Oudaen’s David’s Psalmen. George Ratcliffe Woodward, an Anglican priest who translated Greek, Latin and German hymns into English, published a collection Carols for Easter and Ascension (1894) that included this poem. He collaborated with Charles Wood, an Irish composer who wrote the harmonization of the tune. The frequent rising of the melody coincides with the theme of the resurrection of Christ.

Postlude                       Victory (“The Strife is O’er”)                   Robin Dinda

Robin Dinda (b.1959), Massachusetts composer/organist and graduate of Davidson College, wrote his festive setting of this Easter hymn that places the tune (adapted from the Renaissance composer Palestrina) in the manuals and pedals.



The Anglican Church: Our St. Michael’s family, Deanery, Diocese, Anglican Province of America, Anglican Catholic Church, Anglican Church in America, Deus of the Holy Cross, our Bishops, Rector, Clergy & their families, and that many men are called to the sacred Ministry.

✟ Our Country, its Leaders, Fire and Police Departments & those in military service: Andrew, Adam, Edwin, Daniel, Mark, Conner, Caleb,                                                  Dannte, Brian, Dustin, Brett, Caleb, Kegan, Charles, Robert, James, Gavyn.

Pregnancy: Brook

✟ Those Traveling: Ralph, Scott, Dana, Frank

Guidance & Protection: Destinn, Conner, Donald, Christopher, Karl, Phyllis, Dame, Kristin, Blonnie, Tommy, Linda, Claude, Ben, Henry, Mary, Josiah, Stoch, Roy, Brett, Kelechi, Christopher, Margaret. The Washburn, Burgess, Drake and Oldfield families.

✟ In Affliction: Jerry, June, Roger, Virginia Gayle, Trudy, Pat, Wayne, Harry, Edna, Pat, Rich+, John, Doreen, Desmond, Yvonne, Dame, Meredith, Jennifer, Janet, Robert.

The Lord’s Healing: Aurora, Ava, Ana, Thomas, Tina, Nick, Simeon, McKenzie, Pat, Jayden, Seth, Stephen, Doc, Sarah, Marie, Phillip, Savana, Renee, Samantha, Kevin+, George+, +Jack, Michael+, Dennis+.


The Vestry:

Sr. Warden:  Ed Stemborowski                         Jr. Warden:  Brett Ford

Carol Alsis                  ’21         Laurna Blackwood   ’20          Margie Schlier                 ’19

Frank Ihekaire            ’21         Randall Burgess        ’20          Brett Ford                        ’19

Sylvia Jack                   ’21         Pam Driscoll              ’20         Michelle Montgomery   ’19

Eastern Diocese of the Anglican Province of America:

The Most Rev. W. H. Grundorf, Diocesan

The Rt. Rev. Chad Jones, Suffragan Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Bill Perkins, Suffragan Bishop

The Rt. Rev. David Haines, Missionary Bishop

The Rev. O. Michael Cawthon, Rector

The Very Rev. Can George Harding, Ret.

Dss. Tina Jenkins, APA Sr. Deaconess

John Apple,  Organist & Choir Master

Shonika Bankole,  Preschool Director

Lou Hale, Phyllis Vail, Sandra Scherer, & Susan Stepp:  Bible Women

Dame Martin & Joyce Allen:  Outreach Programs

Susan Stepp & Sandra Scherer:  Worship Preparation


Church office:  704-537-7777     Rectory:  704-531-9306       

Rector:  Fr. Michael’s Cell:  704-651-9070

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