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Peace and joy in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Please advise us of your visit and ask for a “First Time Visitor Bulletin” which briefly explains the communion service.  Please join our church family in the Parish Hall after the service for fellowship, drinks, and food.

11th Sunday after Trinity                           September 1, 2019

H=1940 Hymnal Hymn #   BCP=1928 Book of Common Prayer

Stand    Processional: H (Hymn #) 157 (2)

Kneel    Collect for Purity: B (1928 Book of Common Prayer)  Page  67

Introit   Choir

Kneel    The Decalogue: B 68

Kneel    Kyrie: H 710 or B 70

Kneel    Collect for the Day; B 204

Sit           Psalm: Psalm 124 & 125  (Chanted) B 504

Sit           Epistle:I CORINTHIANS  XV: B 204

Stand    Gradual: H 60

Stand    Gospel: ST. LUKE  XVIII:  9; B 205

Stand    Nicene Creed: B 71

Sit           Notices (Fr. Michael)

Stand    Sermon Hymn: H 410 (2)

Sit           Sermon (Fr. Michael)

Sit           Alms Collection & Offertory Sentence (Choir)

Stand    Alms Presentation, National Hymn: H 139 / 141 (v4)

Kneel    Biddings & Intercessions (said by celebrant)

Kneel    For the Whole State of Christ’s Church: B 74

Kneel    Invitation and General Confession: B 75

Kneel    Absolution & Comfortable Words                                                             76

Kneel    Sursum Corda & Sanctus: H 796 or B 76

Kneel    Consecration: B 80

Kneel    Lord’s Prayer: H 722 or B 82

Kneel    Humble Access: B 82

Kneel    Agnus Dei: H 712

Kneel      Ecce Agnus PRIEST: “Behold the Lamb of God, behold him that     takest away the sins of the world.  Lord I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof;”

People—”But speak the word only and my soul shall be healed.”

Kneel    Communion Hymns: H 503, 202 B 83

Stand    Gloria in Excelsis: H 713 or B 84

Kneel    The Blessing: B 84

Kneel    Dresden Amen  (followed by bells): H 740

Stand    Recessional: H 577

Nursery is available for children 5 years and under during the 10:30am service

Acknowledgements and Thanksgivings!

SANCTUARY CANDLE:  Burns this week to the glory of God.

ALTAR FLOWERS:  Are given to the glory of God                 by Randall & Dana Burgess in honor of her mother, Ann White on her birthday and by Roger & Virginia Gayle Anderson in celebration of their son Lee on his birthday.

Please come next door to the Parish Hall, after the 10:30 service for fellowship and refreshments.


AUGUST  CHANGE-FOR-CHANGE:   Hospice of Charlotte


Costs:          $30,935

Donations to Date:            20,970

ACOLYTES:   All servers must read the “Acolyte St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church:  EUCHARISTIC SERVICE REFERENCE MANUEL.  Parents need to read with their children!  This is a first edition and will be updated and improved as we move forward.  If being a server is desired, please see Fr. Michael.        Go to:

COMMUNION WAFERS:  If you prefer a Gluten free consecrated wafer, please let the priest know when you come to the altar.

  1. MICHAEL’S SOCIAL GROUP: SMSG is meeting for dinner, Saturday, Sep. 7th at 7 pm at Las Margarita Mexican Restaurant: 4426 Independence Blvd.  Please call, text or email Holly by Friday the 6th to confirm.  Holly Browning:  540-798-3876;

NEW SIGN-UP SHEETS:  Do you want to be an usher?  You are needed.  Sign-up today for either 8 am or 10:30!  If you are an usher, Thank You! and please put your name on the list.  Sign-up sheets are in the Parish Hall.

ALTAR GUILD:  Altar Guild members have a mandatory training on September 14th at 9 am.  See sign-up sheet in the Parish Hall.  All interested persons that are looking for a way to serve God and His Church are invited to attend the training.


Sunday School will be starting next Sunday on the 8th.  Please use the insert in the bulletin to register your children. It is very important for you and your children to make the time to attend Sunday school.  Randall Burgess will be leading the Adult class in the Parish Hall (Book of Job and Problem with Pain (C.S. Lewis,) Margie Schlier will be leading the Young Children Class (learning about the Apostles), and Fr. Michael will be leading the Older Children’s class.  Everyone should be in Sunday School, on time!


✟The Anglican Church: Our St. Michael’s family, Deanery, Diocese, Anglican Province of America, Anglican Catholic Church, Anglican Church in America, Deus of the Holy Cross, our Bishops, Rector, Clergy & their families, and that many men are called to the sacred Ministry.

✟ Our Country, its Leaders, Fire and Police Departments & those in military service: Andrew, Adam, Edwin, Daniel, Mark, Conner, Caleb, Dannte, Brian, Dustin, Brett, Kegan, Charles (Iraq), Robert, James, Gavyn, Joe, Luke.

✟Pregnancy: Brook, Jackie

✟ Those Traveling: Ralph, Scott, Dana, Frank, Lee, Tony, Jeff, Stephen, Nance, Mike, Kristin, Will.

✟Guidance & Protection: Destinn, Conner, Donald, Christopher, Karl, Phyllis, Dame, Kristin, Blonnie, Tommy, Linda, Claude, Ben, Henry, Mary, Josiah, Stoch, Roy, Brett, Kelechi, Christopher, Margaret, Henry, Tom, Nick, Betty, Martha, David, Phillipa, Rosanna, Lizzy. The Washburn, Burgess, Drake, Oldfield, Howard, Morton, Graham, Wilkerson, Amara, Jones, Runyan, Mkandla, Alt families.

✟ In Affliction: Jerry, June, Roger, Virginia Gayle, Trudy, Pat, Wayne, Harry, Edna, Pat, Rich+, John, Doreen, Desmond, Yvonne, Dame, Meredith, Jennifer, Janet, Robert, Vivian. Wanda, Shannon, Marie, George.

✟The Lord’s Healing: Aurora, Ava, Ana, Thomas, Natalia Tina, Nick, Simeon, McKenzie, Pat, Seth, Stephen, Sarah, Marie, Phillip, Savana, Renee, Samantha, Madonna, Tenneh, James, Jeannie, Brock, Trudy, Wendy, Amanda, Hazel, Carl, Laurna, Holly, Phyllis, Kevin+, George+, +Jack, Michael+, Dennis+.

… Upcoming Events:    

Sep          7            7 pm                      SMSG :  St. Michael’s Social Group

Meeting at Las Margarita Restaurant

8            9:15 am                Sunday School Begins:  Everyone

8            12:30 pm              Vestry

9            6 pm                      Ladies Evening Prayer / Bible Study

12           10:30 am              Bible Study:  Apostle  Peter

14           9 am                      Altar Guild Training

17           1 pm                      Ladies Lunch-Out

21           10:30 am              St. Martha’s Guild

11:20 am              Men’s Ministry

26           6 pm                      Men’s Night-Out:  “What Ale’s You”

SCHEDULE FOR NEXT WEEK:      July 8, 2018

Nursery:   10:15 am         Help needed

Ushers:      8 am                 Bob & Betty Self

10:15 am         Dame Martin, Tommy Johnson

Altar Guild:                         Debbie Cawthon


Prelude                                Rendez à Dieu                                                         Richard M. Peek

Richard Maurice Peek (1927-2005), organist-director of Charlotte’s Covenant Presbyterian Church, created his piece on the 1543 tune (located at #195 in The Hymnal 1940) by Louis Bourgeois (composer of the tune Old Hundredth, sung to the Doxology). Bourgeois (1510-1559), a French disciple of the Swiss reformer John Calvin, composed tunes for the Genevan Psalter in 1551.


(Psalm 68:5c-6a, 35b) God in His holy habitation. He is God who setteth the solitary in families. The God of Israel is He that giveth strength and power unto His people. (Psalm 68:1) Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered: let them also that hate Him flee before Him.


(Psalm 30:1-2) I will extol Thee, O Lord; for Thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me. O Lord my God, I cried unto Thee, and Thou hast healed me.

Anthem               Sometimes a Light Surprises                           Richard Shephard

Richard Shephard (b.1949), choral/opera/orchestral composer and Chamberlain of York Minster, set this poem (found at #443 in The Hymnal 1940) from 1779 by William Cowper (pronounced “Cooper”), a popular English poet who, though suffering from periodic mental illness, was a devout Christian.

The tune of the first communion hymn was composed in 1942 by David McKinley Williams (1887-1978) for the 1934 poem by the British author/poet Rudyard Kipling. (The first phrase in Latin is translated “not to us, Lord.”) Born in Wales, Williams spent most of his career in New York as organist-choirmaster for 27 years at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, and as teacher at the Juilliard School and Union Theological Seminary.

Postlude              Psalm of Praise                                                       Charles Callahan

This toccata on the Old Hundredth Psalm tune (#139 in The Hymnal 1940) is by Charles Callahan (b.1951), Vermont organ/choral composer. Amid cascading descending passages, the 1551 tune by Louis Bourgeois is heard in the pedals.



LADIES’ EVENING PRAYER AND BIBLE STUDY:   This Fall’s LEP/BS will begin on September 9th.  All of the women in the church are invited to join this discussion class.  We meet on Monday evenings starting with Evening Prayer in the church at 6PM and then Bible Study immediately following in the parish hall.  We usually finish around 8 or 8:30 PM.  This year we will be studying the Book of Romans and we will be using the paperback edition of Ignatius Catholic Study Bible’s The Letter of St. Paul to the Romans by Scott Hahn ISBN: 978-0-89870-938-4.  Anyone interested in joining this discussion should buy the book (best found on and read the Introductions (p. 7-11 and 13-14) before the first class.  For questions see Dss. Tina (plus she may have a few copies of the book for sale).


Sep        2              Joyce Allen                         Sep        3              Sandra Scherer

Sep        4              Precious Smythe              Sep        4              Tony Stone

Sep        5              Yvonne King                       Sep        7              Jack Mobley

Sep        7              Precious Nicol


Sep        6              Brett & Madonna Ford

Don’t forget our furry friends!  Donate any old worn out clean sheets, towels or blankets to a local vet to make the bottom of cages more comfortable after surgery etc.    Please leave your donations at Tina’s desk in the office.

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