Our History

Our History


1st service held St. Timothy’s in Mutual Saving and Loan building.


Moved and had first service at Charlotte Christian School.  Accepted land from Mrs. Ruth Lucas, and moved to Charlotte Latin School.


June grading began – first Eucharist no walls, roof, or anything.  By December completed Chapel/Parish Hall…from mission to church in 2-1/2 years.  All work done by parishioners except grading and concrete.


Milestone reached as all Sacraments had been administered in our parish.


Work began on the “new” church building – our current Church.


December 21st – First Worship Service held in church – not finished, used folding chairs.


Construction and finishing was completed – by end of year all was finished.


Plans for Parish Hall addition were finalized – during November grading and site preparation completed.


Construction continued…


Parish Hall addition finished to point of being usable.  Completing a busy ten year period of building.


St. Timothy became part of ACA…church split and St. Clements formed and met a Junior League building.


Lord was working to bring the two churches together…


St. Clements accepts invitation to share St. Timothy’s facility.  Fr. Richard Bakley became rector of St. Timothy’s and Vicar of St. Clements.  A resolution to merge passed.


Name of St. Michael the Archangel is approved and Fr. Richard Bakley instituted as the first Rector of St. Michael the Archangel.


During November the Entrhonedment of Bishop Grundorf.


Rectory was built on property next to the church.


St. Michael’s instrumental in establishing the current  summer youth camp “Anglican Legacy Camp.”


Exterior of Church painted


August Fr. Richard Bakley retires.  September Fr. Michael Cawthon instituted as the second Rector of St. Michael the Archangel.


Joint Synod was held by the four largest Anglican Continuing Churches in America and a resolution was signed stating full union between the four:  The Anglican Province of America, The Anglican Catholic Church, The Anglican Church in America, and Diocese of the Holy Cross.  A unity Eucharist was celebrated demonstrating a new unity which is forming within the Traditional Anglican Communion…Glory be to God.


St. Michael’s hosted the Synod of Diocese of the Eastern United States of Anglican Province of America in which we consecrated our Mission Bishop David Haines.  Our parish step up, with 48 people, to the occasion and the event was a huge success. Our New Electric Sign was installed and our New Web Site (that you are viewing) went on-line.  Hosting scout troop resumed as we continue to host a Korean Worship Service at 2 pm on Sundays

Come and join us as we live and spread the Gospel of Christ.

This is what makes
the church so special!

Watch our original members build this beautiful church, as their sweat (and sometimes blood) are in each board!