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“So peaceably ordered by thy governance, that thy Churh

may joyfully serve thee in all godly quietness…”


Christ’s Church has joyfully joined together in” godly quietness” for a peaceful transition into its future.

While others may gather within conflicts and controversies of the current

“newisms”of this generation

while seeking new interpretations

and ways of making Jesus more acceptable and easier for us

who live within a world full of its own deceptions…


Within this confused climate, within this confused world,

we met in unity, peace, and confidence,

acknowledging and supporting Christ Church within all of her glorious beauty.


As I reflect upon this past week, it leaves me with one important question.

Do “I believe and trust in God?”

If so, what happens if my “vote” does not prevail.

Was I willing to accept His word,

as revealed through His Church,

or would I believe I know better than He?


You see we gathered with over 100 people of Laity and Clergy,

and each of us brought their own agenda…

I want this person: because of X, Y or Z or this reason or that.

I want this person because I know what is best.

When you think about it,

we had individuals bringing individual thoughts and desires…

to tell God what was best for Christ’s Church.

Guess what?

To everyone’s joy and excitement,

God is the one who spoke at the end to us.

How did this happen?


You see, there were no politicking

as people were asked  to simply come and vote with their heart, soul, and  mind – – –

and then leave it to the Holy Spirit to direct and lead us…..

So as we were simply the lost sheep, searching for our shepherd.

God had  called us to this Synod to test the heart of His Church,

yes I would say that He lead us into temptation,

to decide it we were worthy of His Church.

Through our unity and love for Him,

the other candidates,

and for one another;

after the vote was cast,

it was only then demonstrated our love for Him

and His Will as supreme.

As all gathered together to celebrated the gift of unity

Within His Church.


This lesson applies to all of us lost Sheep within our own lives.

I see examples every day of putting His Will below our own Will.

We want this or that –

we support this person or that one –

we become emotionally attached to this cause or that cause –

we need to go here or there

to gain this position or that position…

Oh if I could just get this one thing accomplished or done, then all will be OK.

And we do this all as if it were we, it is you or I, that will save the world.

Without realizing all along that the World has already been saved,

And often we are not trusting our God, but rather we want to trust in ourselves.

My friends, all of the worrying and frustrations that we feel,

do not add a day to our life

and it surely does not save us.

We are acting foolishly believing that we can save the world…

as hard as we try we cannot.

We are to spend our lives in peace:

satisfied with what God has provided,

satisfied with our God and one another,

and avoid depressing ourselves with the problems of this world,

but to relax and enjoy and know the beauty of our Lord

acknowledging His Love for Each one of Us,…

regardless of our current state, even in misery we can still smile.


So my message is to calm down: and not only trust in Him,

But to give yourself unto Him, totally and completely.

Avoid the arrogancy of believing that we know better than He.

Instead of criticizing and complaining maybe we need to look within and see where our true trust does lie…

bottom line is trust the Holy Ghost…


He loves you and has saved you,

Understand that and you will understand all…

It is not the mysteries of God that will save you,

It is His Son

Who came that you may live.


Give yourself to Him, and receive all