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St. Michael’s Anglican Choir Practice Information

St. Michael’s Anglican Choir Practice Information

It shall be the duty of every Minister to appoint for use in his congregation hymns or anthems from those authorized by the Rubric or by the Constitution and Canons of this Church, and, with such assistance as he may see fit to employ from persons skilled in music, to give order concerning the tunes to be sung in his congregation.

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October 21st – Trinity xxi

Processional 555; Gradual 558; Sermon 331; Communion 446, 449; Recessional 553

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Choir Practice Tuesdays 7pm

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It shall be his especial duty to suppress all light and unseemly music, and all irreverence in the performance. To this end, he shall be the final authority in the administration of matters pertaining to music in his congregation.”
Canon 40 Of the Music of the Church

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Mr. John Apple

Organist & Choir Master