Trinity 19 Oct 7 Sermon Fr. Michael Cawthon

Things we should do, things we should avoid…this is called life (you could also call it Free Will.) This morning we prayed that the Holy Spirit will direct and rule our hearts, and are warned, not to walk (as the world walks) in vanity of mind through a darken understanding, which alienates us from the life of God, through the ignorance and a blindness of heart. We are told to put away bitterness, wrath, anger, yelling and screaming, and speaking evil; and to be kind, tender-hearted, forgiving one another. And some people may ask why? And we are told the [...]

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St. Michael Feast Day 2018 – Fr. Michael Cawthon

  Today, we celebrate our paternal Feast Day, St. Michael and all Angels. St. Michael is mentioned four times in Scripture: In old and new testament.   In today’s collect reading we hear of an Everlasting; who ordained the services of Angels, and in the Lesson appointed for the Epistle - of a war in Heaven in which Satan and his angels (his messengers) were cast out of heaven and then it is proclaimed from heaven itself, that evil was cast out and that “salvation, strength, the kingdom, and power of Christ” had prevailed; and then as Satan, and his [...]

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Trinity XV Sept 9, 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon

This week – This day - LET US PRAISE THE LORD… He that is beyond good, He who loves you, He who cures your body and soul, He who gives / that you might receive, He who came into the world to save sinners – to save us: Yes, it is He who we do praise this day and forever! And it is He, this wonderful God of Creation, who moves us. In The Collect we are told that we who are “Without God cannot but fall” (yes, without Him we will fail.) And Paul even tells us that he [...]

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Trinity XiV Sept 2 1980 Sermon fr. michael cawthon (daft)

Our Church liturgy is full of themes that show us what Jesus did and said, thus revealing what we should do. Two weeks ago we were told to “Be Open” and last week we spoke of “being moved” and not losing our first love. Now this week’s Gospel speaks of God’s mercy as Jesus cleansed (He heals) the lepers. And yet only one returns, and this one who returns, gives thanks; and Jesus tells him (him alone) that it was his faith that had healed him (making him whole). Being open, being moved to do as Jesus tells us, and [...]

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Trinity Xiii Sept 26 2018 Sermon Fr. Michael Cawthon

Sin is nothing new…sin simply places our will above Gods Will … sin pulls us away from God. As God’s importance in our lives grow, sin is WEAKENED AND LESSEN – and vice versa. God and Sin (Satan) are not friends as they are opposites – this is why in Gen 3 God speaks of an enmity (a hatred) between the two. Briefly, I want to discuss, from the Gospel reading, the two (The Priest and Levite) who passed by the wounded man. In The Revelation of St. John the Divine…chapter two… Jesus tells the church in Ephesus, “for my [...]

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Trinity XI; LK 8:9-14; 12 August 2018; Rev. Dennis Washburn, Ph.D 

The parable of the Pharisee and tax-collector is about two men praying. Much can be said about Christian prayer. The main emphasis today is on the mental and spiritual attitudes for prayer- and by extension, about attitudes for all of life. Like the two sons in the Parable of the Prodigal Son two weeks ago, here we have two contrasting characters- a self-righteous person and a humble repentant one. According to St. Luke, our Lord told this parable to some respectable religious people. And for such people in Palestine, starting with a Pharisee going to the Temple to pray seemed [...]

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Trinity 10 2018 by Fr. Michael Cawthon

I am going to discuss the past few months at St. Michael’s as compared to what we hear today concerning God and Faith by many who say “faith is about “God and Me” The secular world says “who needs the church – it about my friend – you know – Jesus and me; however, we just experienced the opposite.   In Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians today he speaks “concerning spiritual gifts.” Paul speaks of the Spirit / as giving different gifts, of differing levels, to differing people. The Holy Ghost is a divine person of the Trinity, so [...]

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Sermon Notes: Trinity VIII; Rev. Dennis Washburn, Ph.D.

How do you react when religion, faith or beliefs are mentioned- especially outside a church building? There are two common responses. Some people become nervous or uncomfortable because they don’t like religious discussion. Other people of differing persuasions are well disposed to discussions of religion. They assume that professing some faith, especially a Judeo-Christian one, is basically good. In fact, there are drawbacks to each of these responses to religion. Those who are skeptical about all religion ignore the spiritual dimensions of the universe and misunderstand some basic human traits. The opposite response is also has problematic. Assuming that all [...]

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Synod 2018 Sermon by Fr. Michael Cawthon

Yes, crown him lord of all indeed; for for The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing… He shall feed me, and shall convert my soul, He shall provide me comfort, and yes, my cup will be full as I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever… (So) … And yes, the Spirit of the Lord God is upon us (me); because the Lord hath anointed us (me) to preach good tiding unto the meek, he hath sent us (me) to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim and to open to them that are bound… (Isaiah 61:1) 2Ti [...]

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Trinity V 2018  Fr. Michael Cawthon

Oh, the wonder of the early followers of Christ. While we meet this morning in this beautiful church, called St. Michael the Archangel - we are surrounded by friends and comfort, but in the Gospel we see what poor conveniences Christ had for His ministry. So yes, let us enjoy our air conditioned seat within the beautiful surroundings of His Holy Church.   Vast crowds attended Christ's preaching: The people pressed upon him to hear the word of God in v. 1 of the Gospel. Jesus drew them out to the sand of the sea shore, reminding us Abrahams promise, [...]

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