Sermon Advent III Dec 16 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon

I just love this reading today; although, for many it leaves them scratching their heads – John the Baptist who knew Jesus from the womb, now does not know him? Some would say that John by this action is showing our human trait of doubt and confusion, thus many rationalize that “well, if John had doubt” then that must be OK because he is human. Recently, I have focused on the love of Jesus for each one of you – how he cares for you – you are His and how he can be yours if you receive him in [...]

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Advent 2 Dec 9 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon

Advent 2 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon In the Collect this morning we read “Blessed Lord, who hast caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning; Grant that we may in such wise hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them”… and in the Epistle we hear “Whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning … and then the Gospel speaks of coming of the son of man…”for your redemption draweth nigh.” As well we read of Jesus cleansing the Temple because the people had made God’s house “a house of thieves.” And now this morning, [...]

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Advent Sunday sermon Dec 2 fr. michael cawthon

Advent 1 2018 Dec 2 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon The name Advent comes from the Latin word “Ad-ven-tus” meaning “Coming” and the Advent Season has been set aside by the Church since the 6th century as being a time of preparation; for the Incarnation of Christ (His birth) and for His second “Coming.” To prepare for the future: the Collect tells us to cast away darkness and wear the amour of light and speaks of His coming to judge the living and dead. In the Epistle we read to “put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision [...]

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Sunday before Advent Sermon Nov 25 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon

Sunday Next before Advent Nov 25 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon: “Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people” On this last Sunday of the church year, prior to the beginning of the Advent (meaning the coming); let us review: We began the last church year by preparing for Christ’s coming and we celebrated The Incarnation – the birth of our Lord Jesus… and then we witnessed of the giving of His name at his circumcision (as foretold and instructed by the Angel Gabriel)… We observed His showing forth - unto the world, during the Epiphany [...]

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Thanksgiving Day Sermon 2018 fr. michael cawthon

Be not anxious for your life… Anxiousness: the intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear / about everyday life and situations… This day may we come to be refreshed and let us praise and give Him thanks. My friends, my family, we gather this day to give thanks to our God. Let this not be a day of complaining and asking, but simply a day to give of ourselves and say “thank you God” for all of your blessings: For thou didst create, Thou didst lead, Thou didst feed, Thou didst love and guide us, Thou didst give us priests [...]

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Trinity 24 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon

Pressures of life can lead us to a losing of faith or they can cause our FAITH to grow… Satan’s goal for each one of you: is for you to abandon your God – to die spiritually. The evil spirits that mold and shape this world fails each time our faith is strengthened. The secular world is steered by humanistic values thus these are the values that dominate our culture; Humanism, the belief of science and human values which are established void of Religion, WILL ALWAYS lead to the STRONGEST AND POWERFUL dominating. Thus we watch people get pleasure out [...]

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SUNDay after All Saints day (Trinity 23) Matt. 5, Fr. George Harding

Today’s passage comes from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. He has gathered followers, begun his healing ministry and now he sits down with a crowd to share his wisdom. When Jesus speaks, he is not teaching middle class citizens who are frustrated with a few inconveniences of life. He is addressing his fellow Jews who must endure the occupation of Roman troops and a political and economic system that forces them into poverty. These are not people struggling to eek out a decent living. They are straining to survive one more day. These people live in fear beneath a regime [...]

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All Saints Day Nov 1 2018 Fr. Michael Cawthon

  In the Gospel reading we hear the Beatitudes (the blessings describing the true joys of discipleship.)   Blessed are the poor in spirit, Blessed are those who mourn, and Blessed are the meek,   Yes, blessed are those who have a total trust in God.   Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness   Yes, blessed are lives lived seeking and fulfilling of God’s will.   Blessed are the merciful, Blessed are the pure in heart, and Blessed are the peacemakers Yes, blessed are the merciful are God’s love in action; those the pure in heart devoted [...]

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St. Simon and Jude Apostles Sermon Oct. 28 2018

Chapter XV of the Gospel of St. John begins with Jesus telling us that He is the True Vine and we the branches and He speaks of the purging of the branches, which bear fruit… and He continues that we are HIS FRIENDS if we do as He commands, - oh what a friend we have in Jesus…. and then we hear the words from our Gospel: IF YE WERE OF THE WORLD, THE WORLD WOULD LOVE HIS OWN; BUT BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD, “BUT I HAVE CHOSEN YOU OUT OF THE WOLD,” THEREFORE THE WORLD HATETH [...]

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Trinity xxi sermon, Fr. Michael Cawthon

Trinity xxi sermon, Fr. Michael Cawthon 2018: Faith and Believing: John iv. 46   Last week Fr. George spoke of the Kingdom being open to all; we all are to come to the wedding and enjoy the fullness of Joy, which is found in our God. And todays Gospel, speaks directly to so many of us … who put doubt first, that unless they see signs and wonders, some will not believe. Some offer prayers as if He has to prove Himself, “God if you do this or that then I will believe.” Believe this … or … believe that, it [...]

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